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About Foundation Five Nine

Foundation Five Nine was established in April 2010

Its aim was to address the great need for support for many of our young people residing permanently up on the Mornington Peninsula.

“Five Nine” (59) is the telephone prefix of the area we cover which includes some of the most disadvantaged areas on the Peninusla.

Many of the families here are third generation welfare families whose resources and goals are very limited. Many do not see the need for their children to go to school at all. Some are dealing with health issues that put their families at great risk. Many are single parent families with very limited resources and very little support. The incidence of mental illness and domestic violence is high.

Programs we favor involve creative initiatives that encourage education in all areas of life, especially those that give educational opportunities to those children who, for whatever reason, are not suitable to the traditional classroom situation. And we like to see work with these young children to commence as soon as is possible so that when it is time to rejoin the traditional classroom they have not been left behind.

Foundation Five Nine also favors programs that have a very strong sense of community. We see these programs as vital for sharing the load of parenting which can often be so sorely lacking for some of our young ones.

We think the most effective way Foundation Five Nine can help is to support a small number of people whom we think are doing great work and we commit to support these people over a three year period, with six monthly review, so as to give them some stability of operation and room for planning.

Foundation Five Nine has no paid staff, pays no rent and all our operational costs are kept to a bare minimum so the majority of funds go directly to the groups who are working with these vulnerable children.

Over the seven years since its beginnings, Foundation Five Nine has put back over $2.5 Mill into our little community and touched the lives of literally hundreds of Peninsula kids.