A Good news story from the Seawinds Community Hub” – 2014

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“A Good news story from The Seawinds Community Hub”- 2014

Family X’ was a family at the hub.  In the eyes of the general public, they were a happy non-complicated family who showed a lot of love and empathy for their two gorgeous children.  This was not so, in fact this family where living in a horrendous situation of domestic violence.   Mum was isolated with no family or friends to support her.    Church was her only support.  She was emotionally and physically abused in which her children were witnesses to on a regular basis.  She tried hard to keep the peace and keep her family together for the sake of her children with not much luck.  Her self-confidence hit rock bottom.  She finally engaged with Mornington Peninsula Family Violence Team who encouraged her to leave the family home and relocate into a women’s refuge for 6 months, which she did.

On returning to Rosebud, this caused a lot of anxiety for her knowing her ex husband was just around the corner, who persisted to breech his intervention order.  This was exhausting in trying to keep her family safe from any domestic violence.

She knew she needed to move on and up skill to provide a stable home for her children.   This Mum enrolled in a disability course at Seawinds Community Hub whilst her children were in childcare.  She knew her children were safe which allowed her stability to complete her course.  This was not easy, trying to juggle, being a Mum, the anxiety of being stalked constantly by her ex husband, completing assessments to meet course requirement and preparing for family court proceedings, but to her credit she succeeded.  Mind you, this was not at all easy for her, at times it seemed like the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ was never going to appear.

This Mum has since gained employment through her work placement on casual bases, which recently turned into a permanent position.  This Mum has regained self confidence with the support of Seawinds Community Hub, parent engagement programs and general chats with the staff at the hub.  She is now well connected with the community and has a good circle of friends who she engages with regularly.